Scientific committee

Élise Marsollier, Ph.D.

Chair of the scientific committee

Her current work focuses on the positive development of children in sport and the use of yoga by athletes. An NCCP level 3 certified trainer and mental performance consultant for 15 years, she favours high-level athletic performance, but their well-being as well.

Roxane Carrière, Ph.D

Candidate in educational psychology

Her current research projects focus on the positive development of athletes through sport. As a mental performance consultant, the goal of her work is to optimize performance through mental skills training and to ensure the psychological well-being of athletes in the practice of their sport.

Sylvain Croteau

General Manager and Instigator of Sport’Aide

He has been operating in communications and public affairs for over 25 years. Involved in amateur sport for many years, he has also worked in professional sports (with the Quebec Nordiques for four seasons) and is the father of three young athletes.

Pénélope Duval

Master’s student in educational psychology at the Laval University department of physical education

Her current work focuses on the quality of services offered in mental preparation, and more specifically in the professional development of mental performance consultants. 

Kari Fasting

The first woman professor in sport science in the Nordic countries (1987) and first woman rector of the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences. Now an emeritus professor, she was previously president of the International Sociology of Sport Association. In 2011, she received the title of honorary member as founding member and former founding member and president of Women Sport International (WSI) and represents this organization in the International Working Group on Women in Sport (IWG).

Sandra Kirby

Researcher, scholar, administrator and former Olympic athlete on the Canadian rowing team (1976 Olympic Games in Montreal)

Researcher, scholar, administrator and former Olympic athlete on the Canadian rowing team (1976 Olympic Games in Montreal). Professor emeritus at the University of Winnipeg, she has dedicated a large part of her career to eradicating sexual harassment and abuse, homophobia and violence against children in sport.

Sylvie Parent

Research professor at the Université Laval Faculty of Education Sciences and Sport’Aide instigator

She is currently addressing violence (sexual, psychological and physical) and neglect against young people evolving in a sport environment. Her current work focuses on developing and validating a questionnaire on the violence experienced by young people in sport and on sexual violence against university athletes.

Daniel Rhind

Licensed psychologist and university lecturer in social psychology at the University of Loughborough

His research focuses on understanding the development and maintenance of healthy and effective relationships in sport. His research has fundamentally focused on the development of international measures to protect children in sport, which are now recognized throughout the world.

Bettina Rulofs

University lecturer at the Institute of Sociology of German Sport University

Her primary areas of research are social inequalities, the protection of children, the prevention of violence and the management of diversity in sport. Since 2010, she has been a member of the national working group on the protection of children in sport and she coordinates the “Safe Sport” research project in Germany.

Anne Tiivas

Chairwoman Safe Sport International

Former Director of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) Child Protection in Sport Unit, where she worked for almost 18 years until September 2019. Since 2001, she has played a pivotal role in shaping and monitoring national safeguarding standards for children in sport in the UK.

Tine Vertommen

Criminologist and researcher at the University of Antwerp

Associated to the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (Social Epidemiology and Health Policy research unit) at the University of Antwerp, she finished her PhD on '’violence against children in sport'’. Associated to the Erasmus+ project ‘’VOICE: for truth and dignity - combatting sexualized violence in sport’’, she leads the Belgian partnership in the Erasmus + CASES project about childhood sexual abuse in sport.